Welcome to Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Serchhip District, Serchhip

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The Deputy Commissioner is the administrative head of the District and his office is located at Serchhip. The Office of the Deputy Commissioner started functioning with effect from 15th September 1998. The district is divided into three Sub-Divisions viz. Serchhip Sadar, Thenzawl and North Vanlaiphai for ease of administration. There are two Rural Development Block viz. Serchhip and East Lungdar. Altogether there are 42 Villages within the District. Besides the Office of the Deputy Commissioner there exists thirty-three (33) Government Offices with their branches within the District.

There are three Assembly Constituencies which are: 26- Serchhip (ST) AC, 27- Tuikum (ST) AC and 28- Hrangturzo (ST) A/C. As per the Delimitation of Assembly Constituency in 2005, the three villages of Darlawng, Phulmawi and Tlungvel of Aizawl District have been included under 27-Tuikum(ST)AC and the Biate village from Champhai District has also been included under 28-Hrangturzo (ST) AC.

General Law & Order
Serchhip District is perhaps the most peaceful District in Mizoram with no record of any major breakdown of Law & Order. The Deputy Commissioner/Magistrate is responsible for maintaining Law & Order in the District and is assisted by those delegated by him in this regard and by the Superintendent of Police (SP) and his office and other satellite offices.

Serchhip District is located in the central part of Mizoram and its capital is the town of Serchhip which is at a distance of 112 km from Aizawl. The origin of the name comes from citrus trees found on top of the first hill of the then Serchhip village. The word meaning of Ser-chhip is 'citrus-on-top'. In addition to the former Serchhip village, the Town Area now included New Serchhip and Chhiahtlang villages. It is one of the smallest districts in Mizoram with a total geographical area of 1421.6 sq kms. It is bounded by Aizawl District in the North and North-West,Champhai District in the East, and Lunglei in the South. It has a small stretch of international boundary with Myanmar in the South-East.

The Tropic of Cancer passes through Thenzawl, the second largest town in the District. The climate is pleasant throughout the year with an average annual temperature around 15º-27ºC with moderate rainfall. Major tourist attractions include Vantawng waterfall which is the highest waterfall in Mizoram and lies close to the town of Thenzawl and the Tawi Wildlife Sanctuary which lies on the Northern part of the District. The highest peak in the district is Tawitlang with an elevation of 6191ft.

The bulk of the population is still engaged in agricultural activities. However, the District has one of the lowest prevalence of BPL families owing to the hardworking nature of the people as a whole and there is little disparity in the living conditions of the people in rural and urban areas. In terms of cleanliness and sanitation, the District is perhaps the cleanest District in Mizoram with villages like Ngentiang, Baktawng and Chhiahtlang receiving national recognition and acclaim.The district has the highest literacy all over India.

  • District Head

    Sangchhin Chinzah, MCS
    Deputy Commissioner