About e-District Roll out

  • e-District MMP aims at electronic delivery of all public services at district / sub district level, progressively
  • 10 categories (5 mandatory + 5 state specific) of identified high volume citizen centric public services at district and sub-district level have been taken up for implementation
  • A centralized architecture (servers and processing at single and central location) has been proposed for the e-District project. All requests from internal and external users will be sent to this system, located in a central place for processing. All users will access the application using a browser
  • The design will include integration with existing IT infrastructure created under SDC, SWAN, CSC, State Portal and SSDG for the implementation of eDistrict Project
  • All concerned District Offices and Line Departments will be connected to SWAN network for the access of e-District application to deliver services
  • The servers for e-District will be placed at ICT Data Centre till the time State Data Centre (SDC) is not available. This will be a provisional solution only. Once the SDC is operational then the servers and related infrastructure will be moved in to SDC

e-District Application Development & Deployment

Scope of work for Application Development and Deployment:

  • The following list of service has been selected by MSeGS for state roll out of the project
  • Sign off from concerned District office / line department is absolutely necessary before application deployment for Go-Live in all districts
  • The user will be given a choice to interact with the system in local language in addition to English. The application will have provision for uniform user experience across the multi lingual functionality covering following aspects:
  • Detailed User and Operational Manual to be provided to each department, whose services will be hosted on eDistrict Application
  • The application will follow all standards of technology as defined by DeitY
  • The application will be STQC certified before deployment in any of the districts
  • Training will be provided to all concerned officials and staff members at District Office and participating Line Departments
  • The system integrator will continue giving operational and maintenance support for a period of 3 years after Go-Live of e-District application
  • Appropriate communication will also be sent out to citizens to promote e-District
  • System Integrator will provide toll free call number for call logging facility for Help Desk /Service desk
  • The helpdesk will be setup at Aizawl DC Office and will operate from the respective Facilitation Center


Service Categories

Sub – Services

Department involved



1) Income Certificates

DC Office

2) Resident Certificates

3) Caste Certificates

4) Inner Line Pass (ILP)


Revenue Dues and Recovery

1) Application for Housing Loan

LAD Department

2) Land Revenue Payment

Land Revenue & Settlement Department


RTI/Grievances Services

1) RTI application

Information Commission

2) RTI Appeal related services


Social Security

1) Application for disbursement of Old Age Pension

Social Security & Welfare Department

2) Application for disbursement of Widow Pension

3) Application for disbursement of Disability Pension


Ration Card Related Services of PDS

1) Application for new Ration Card

Food & Civil Supplies Department

2) Addition/Deletion/Change of Name in Ration Card

3) Renewal of Ration Card

4) Surrender of Ration Card



1) Application for New Enrollment

Labor & Employment Department

2) Application for Change of Name/Address/Age

3) Application for Transfer of Enrollment to Other District

4) Surrender of Employment Exchange card


Utility Bills

1) Water bills

PHE Department


PHE Department

1) Applying for new water connection

PHE Department

2) Complaints regarding water connection


Land Settlement & Revenue Department

1) Application for House Site Pass

Land Revenue & Settlement Department

2) Application for LSC

3) Application for transfer of ownership of LSC

4) Application for complaint/verification of LSC

5) Application for re-demarcation/ correction of LSC

6) Application for re-issue/extension of LSC

7) Application for partition of LSC


Commercial Taxation Department

1) Applying for Registration of Firms & Societies

Commercial Taxation Department

2) Petroleum, Oil & Lubricant Tax Payment

3) Professional Tax Payment

4) Entertainment Tax Payment

  • Front end web portal in Mizo language
  • E-forms (Labels & Data entry in Mizo languages)
  • Storage of entered data in Mizo language
  • Retrieval & display in Mizo language
  • Facility to printout having support for Mizo language

Training Requirement

  • I.The Implementation partner will impart training to the personnel identified by the State Govt., in the operation of the application software, generation of MIS reports, and maintenance of user logins etc
    • General Awareness Training
    • Training of New Processes
      • The topics to be covered under this have to be prepared and would cover mainly the post operationalization of the software
      • The training is to be provided to the selected employees
      • Training Material: User Manual
    • Software Testing
      • The software Implementation Partner would prepare a comprehensive training course for the software package in use and maintenance of the software application
      • During the training, the trainees could also be asked to carry out the routine functions using the software
      • Training Material: User Manual
    • System Administration
      • Training on basic hardware problems and solution. Training on basic networking and transmission of data should also be covered in this module
      • Training of the District System Administrator
      • The Training would be provided to selected staff of District Administration and other associated offices
      • Training Material: Appropriate system literature on System Administration topics
    • Application Usage – including in-depth training for each module
      • This must be a module specific training to demonstrate the use of application module to respective department
      • Training must be followed by dummy application usage scenarios for better understanding
      • This must also include the training on usage of digital signatures, etc
  1. For all these training programs, the Implementation partner will provide necessary course material, user manuals, system admin manuals etc to the trainees. The different types of trainings to be provided to the identified staff under e-District project are given below:

e-District Hardware Procurement & Deployment

Scope of work for Hardware Procurement and Deployment:

  • Supply of all the products and equipment (Active and Passive) as specified in the Bill of Materials in System Integrator’s contract , which includes transporting the items safely and delivery to the various locations within the state
  • To provide necessary H/w, S/w to establish inter-operability among different products
  • Supply of all the installation materials/accessories/consumables (Screws, clamps, fasteners, ties, anchors, supports, grounding strips, wires,) necessary for the installation of the systems
  • Minimum 3 years comprehensive onsite warranty for the supplied products and services after delivery
  • Storage and Security of the material on receipt at site in the storage space allocated by the District Administration
  • Do all necessary networking as defined in the SI contract to make e-District solution LIVE
  • Installation of Active and Passive components and accessories supplied under the e-District project and configuring the associated security systems like Firewall etc
  • Installation, Integration and Commissioning of the Local Area Network at the implementation locations as per the approved deployment plan
  • Configuring and fine tuning of sub-systems to achieve overall optimal network performance and highest security
  • The components to be installed and configured will include but not limited to :
    • Integration of all existing and operational LAN/WAN links to provide enterprise wise access to resources and services. The implementation partner will also take care of all IP addressing or similar issues arising at the time of integration and should also ensure that the existing systems run smoothly
    • To provide all patches and updates during the currency of the contract
    • To carry out all general tests such as Power-on test on delivery, pre installation checks to ensure correct connection, completeness of the documentation etc
    • To install and commission the structured cabling within the implementation location involving CAT-6 cables, Surface mount I/Os, Patch cords/codes, Jack panels, Racks and any other required components such as labels, ferrules etc
    • Alternate Power Source: Diesel Generator will be the alternate source of power





    Desktop PC

    (Make: Dell; Model : Optiplex )

    • 2nd Generation Intel® i3 Core™ processors
    • Intel® HD graphics; optional 1GB NVIDIA® discrete graphics
    • 2GB DDR3 RAM
    • 360 GB SATA II HDD
    • DVD Writer
    • Integrated 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN Port
    • Standard Keyboard and Mouse
    • 18.5” TFT Colour Monitor
    • Windows 7 or Higher Edition
    • Microsoft Office 2010
    • Antivirus- with 3 yr update
    • 2nd Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M Processor (2.5GHz, 3M Cache)
    • 14.0" HD (1366x768) Anti-glare LED-backlit
    • 4GB (1x4GB) 1600MHz DDR3 SDRAM
    • 500GB 7200rpm Hard Drive
    • 8X DVD+/-RW Drive
    • 3 Year Warranty, 9-cell (87Wh) Primary Battery
    • Dell Wireless(TM) 1504 (802.11 b/g/n) Half Mini
    • Windows 7 or Higher Edition
    • Microsoft Office 2010
    • Antivirus- with 3 yr update.
    • Carry bag: yes
    • 1 Year Limited customer carry-in warranty



    (Make: Dell; Model: Latitude)


    HD Web Camera

    • Make: Logitech
    • HD 1080 P
    • 10 MP Photos
    • Make: ClearOne
    • Model: Chat 50
    • Full duplex Audio Commn.


    USB Speaker Phone


    Laser Printer

    • HP LaserJet LJP 1108
    • HP Scanjet G3110
      • 2 100/1000 SFP
      • 2 Combo 10/100/1000BASE/SFP




    9 U Rack with Accessories

    (Make/Model: Valrack)

    -9 U x 19” Rack Enclosure Networking Racks, Locking vented front doors allows security of equipment, Power Strip, Patch Panel,


    L2 Switch (12 / 24 ports)

    (Make: Dlink; Model: DES-1228/ME)

    -19-inch Standard Rack-Mount Width,1U Height

    -Interface 24 10/100BASE-TX

    -Console Port RJ45 Console Port

    -Switching Capacity 12.8 Gbps

    -64 -byte Max. Forwarding Rate 9.5 Mbps

    -Mac Address Table-Size 8K

    -SDAM for CPU 64MB


    Rack Mountable Media Converter with 16 Ports

    -Make/Model: TPLink


    -10/100 BASE T


    LAN Cabling with Accessories

    • UTP Cable CAT-6 (Box of 305M)
    • Jack Panel 24 Port CAT 6
    • Information Outlet CAT 6
    • Surface Mount Box Single
    • Mounting Cord 7 ft CAT 6
    • Mounting Cord 3 ft CAT 6
    • SM / MM OFC cables
    • Splicing trays
    • Pig tails
    • OFC patch cords
    • Fusion Splicer
    • Power Meter
    • Microscope
    • Laser Source
    • Visual Fault Locator
    • Make: Sukam
    • Form Factor Floor Mounted type
    • Battery Type Sealed Maintenance Free
    • AC Output Voltage 230 V AC, Single phase, Sinusoidal Waveform (Sine Wave Output)
    • 160-280 V AC Input voltage range
    • ISO 9001 Certified


    OFC Connectivity for Horizontal Offices


    Splicing Kits with Power Meter


    UPS 1 KVA



    -Make: Kirloskar

    -10 KVA Diesel generator

    -Auto Start

    • Each facilitation center will be given an auto start Genset; The cost of running and maintenance is also included in e-District project and District administration need not to pay anything for the same
    • Desktops and laptops will be issued to concerned staff members (District, SDO, BDO, Line Dept) on actuals (for ex: if someone already has a desktop/laptop which is suitable for e-district services functioning then he/she will not be eligible to get the new machine)
    • Each Desktop will be given with a UPS and a Laser Printer
    • Scanners will be given to Facilitation center, District, SDO and BDO
    • Each District, SDO and BDO office will be given one HD camera and USB speaker phone to empower them to do video conferencing for various office purposes

    e-District Site Preparation

    Scope of work for Site Preparation:

    e-District Facilitation Centre

    e-District facilitation center will be established at each Deputy Commissioner’s Office involved with e-District roll out project, which will act as single window for providing services related to e-District to the citizens. Citizen can apply for e-District services through the e-District facilitation centers as well. Technical Support Staff and the District Level consultant will operate from the District facilitation center.

    This requires making the office space prepared for deployment of e-District infrastructure.


    1. Deputy Commissioner/MSeGS will provide closed constructed space to enable the Site preparation activity
    2. Site preparation will not be restricted to only Electrical work and LAN connectivity but also Civil and Mechanical works to safe guard the hardware supplied
    3. Appropriate earthing, adequate insulation and Fire Proofing, Rodent and Pest control measures will be taken in to account at each site
    4. Setting up of sufficient LAN points
    5. Providing Furniture (Computer Tables and Chairs)
    6. Procurement & Installation of electrical equipment
    7. The site preparation work must be done based on specifications of MSeGS and also should be upto the satisfaction of MSeGS and Deputy Commissioner
    8. WAN connectivity to SWAN

    e-District Data Digitization

    Scope of work for Digitization of data and Digital signing:

    • System Integrator shall digitize all historical data (covering the last 3 years) at the implementation sites of state
    • System Integrator shall formulate the Data Digitization Strategy which will also include internal quality assurance mechanism. This will be reviewed and signed–off by respective Line Department, MSeGS and SPMU prior to commencement of data digitization
    • System Integrator must define the process for quality check of data and ownership transfer of data
    • System Integrator must port the digitized data to ICT Data Centre or State Data Centre (SDC) and making it available for e-District and other MMPs
    • System Integrator shall conduct the acceptance testing and verify the completeness and accuracy of the data Digitized to eDistrict Application
    • System Integrator must deploy an application for bulk data digital signing
    • System Integrator must ensure digital signing of digitized data by the authorized official
    • System Integrator must setup process for continuous addition, verification and correction of the digitized data - Service / Solution workflow should ensure dynamic updation of data
    • System Integrator must institute logical checks for checking the accuracy of data
    • System Integrator shall include the learning from pilot project digitization and update the necessary changes in the strategy document for implementation
    • System Integrator shall incorporate all comments and suggestions of Line Department, MSeGS and SPMU in the Data Digitization Strategy
    • System Integrator shall perform pilot data digitization exercise to validate the conversion programs
    • System Integrator shall ensure complete data cleaning and validation for all data digitized and loaded on to eDistrict Application
    • System Integrator shall validate the data before uploading the same to the production environment
    • Concerned Line Department, MSeGS and SPMU must verify the test results provided by System Integrator