Administrative Units

The Deputy Commissioner is the administrative head of the District and his office is located at Serchhip. The Office of the Deputy Commissioner started functioning with effect from 15th September 1998. The district is divided into three Sub-Divisions viz. Serchhip Sadar, Thenzawl and North Vanlaiphai for ease of administration. There are two Rural Development Block viz. Serchhip and East Lungdar. Besides the Office of the Deputy Commissioner there exists thirty-three (33) Government Offices with their branches within the District.

There are three Assembly Constituencies which are: 26- Serchhip (ST) AC, 27- Tuikum (ST) AC and 28- Hrangturzo (ST) A/C. As per the Delimitation of Assembly Constituency in 2005, the three villages of Darlawng, Phulmawi and Tlungvel of Aizawl District have been included under 27-Tuikum(ST)AC and the Biate village from Champhai District has also been included under 28- Hrangturzo (ST) AC.

General Law & Order
Serchhip District is perhaps the most peaceful District in Mizoram with no record of any major breakdown of Law & Order. The Deputy Commissioner/Magistrate is responsible for maintaining Law & Order in the District and is assisted by those delegated by him in this regard and by the Superintendent of Police (SP) and his office and other satellite offices.

Past electoral offences

Till date, there has been no record of poll violence, booth capturing or commission of electoral offence.

Natural and administrative Developments and Significant Activities:

Wildfire: A wildfire is an uncontrolled fire in an area of combustible vegetation that occurs in the countryside or a wilderness area. Wildfires are a common occurrence in Mizoram because of the practice of Jhum cultivation known as slash-and-burn method of cultivation. On April 2014,there was wildfire in Serchhip for one whole week covering part of Thenzawl area and Serchhip town area. There was around ninety numbers of affected families; a huge area was destroyed bombarding the perennial crops mostly grown there. However, the Office of Deputy Commissioner assisted the affected families through funds received from SDRF (State Disaster Response Fund) thereby relieving the-cultivators and land owners from their huge loss.

Mega-Mock Drill: Miloram is a land of rolling hills, valleys, rivers and lakes.Most villages and towns are located on hill sides. Mizoram lies in the seismic Zone V, according to the India Meteorological Department, this means that the state has the highest risk of earthquakes relative to other parts of India. Serchhip district is one of the disaster prone districts of Mizoram. It experiences landslides, hailstorm, cyclones, cloudburst,forest-fire and road accidents. Though Serchhip has not yet faced major earthquake in the past ,there awareness among the. people to prepare themselves from the occurrence of earthquake. Fortunately, Serchhip District was selected as one of the districts in Mizoram to conduct Mega-Mock Drill on earthquake scenario of Shillong, 1897 of magf'!itude 8.5 Richter Scale on 13th March 2014 by NDMA. The exercise involves the cooperation and active participation of all the three southern districts of Mizoram namely, Lunglei, Lawngtlai and Saiha. Each District had sent their representatives from their respective Departments for the success of the event. The Deputy Commissioner Office, Serchhip hosted the event inviting participants from Medical, Police, Fire, 14th Assam Rifles, PWD, P&E, NGOs, Volunteers, team of NDRF, SDRF etc. It was conducted in five different sites selecting market areas, hospital and offices. The event was very successful as it gave to the mind of the participants as to how to tackle huge disaster like earthquake in a reasonable and coherent manner with all channels of communication and teams already created for execution.

sources:- District Census Handbook, 2011