To actively indulge in the pursuit of excellence in good governance by providing a transparent, trustworthy, responsive, efficient and accountable district administration.


  1. Co-ordinating all departments for smooth and effective functioning of administrative machinery in the district.
  2. To successfully implement and monitor all developmental works and schemes like MPLADS, MLALADS, BADP etc. and Government flagship programme NLUP through authorised agencies.
  3. Conducting a free and fair election, preparing an authentic electoral roll and issue EPIC.
  4. Maintaining law and order through the exercise of magisterial powers.
  5. Enumerating and registering nation-wide censuses like Biometric enumeration, NPR, SECC as and when required.
  6. Observing important National days and maintaining of Protocols.
  7. Upholding Inner Line Regulations through notified Guidelines.
  8. Redressing public grievances and queries by promoting rapid service delivery to the citizens.
  9. Disseminating best practices, easy approach and grass root level service delivery to the citizens.