e-District is a State Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP). The project aims to target high volume services currently not covered by any MMP under NeGP and undertake backend computerization to e-enable the delivery of these services through Common Service Centres.

Districts are the primary delivery channels for government administration which delivers a large number of services to the citizens; therefore e-Governance can significantly improve government service delivery.

Objectives of e-District:

  • To integrate and seamlessly deliver citizen services by district administration through backend digitization and process redesign
  • To create an efficient delivery mechanism from the Government that brings citizens to the district administration
  • Implementation of an efficient electronic workflow system for reduction of workload of the district personnel
  • To create a smart link/interface between citizens, governments, public utilities and other information providers
  • Fast processing of public cases/appeals/grievances dissemination of information
  • Focus is on backend computerization
  • e-District will primarily focus on the back end computerization and use the SWAN for connectivity and CSC for service delivery. The main focus would be on ensuring that the project is self sustaining after the initial investment. This is possible if revenues generated from services are available at the district level for maintenance, upgradation and expansion.

    A core list of eight categories of services has been identified at the national level, namely Certificates, Arms License, Inner Line Pass (ILP), Disaster Management, Grievances, RTI, Revenue dues & recovery and Land & Building.


    SnoService CategoriesSub – ServicesDepartment involved
    1Certificates1) Income CertificatesDC Office
    2) Resident Certificates
    3) Caste Certificates
    4) Inner Line Pass (ILP)
    2Revenue Dues and Recovery1) Application for Housing LoanLAD Department
    2) Land Revenue PaymentLand Revenue & Settlement Department
    3RTI/Grievances Services1) RTI applicationInformation Commission
    2) RTI Appeal related services
    4Social Security1) Application for disbursement of Old Age PensionSocial Security & Welfare Department
    2) Application for disbursement of Widow Pension
    3) Application for disbursement of Disability Pension
    5Ration Card Related Services of PDS1) Application for new Ration CardFood & Civil Supplies Department
    2) Addition/Deletion/Change of Name in Ration Card
    3) Renewal of Ration Card
    4) Surrender of Ration Card
    6Employment1) Application for New EnrollmentLabor & Employment Department
    2) Application for Change of Name/Address/Age
    3) Application for Transfer of Enrollment to Other District
    4) Surrender of Employment Exchange card
    7Utility Bills1) Water billsPHE Department
    8PHE Department1) Applying for new water connectionPHE Department
    2) Complaints regarding water connection
    9Land Settlement & Revenue Department1) Application for House Site PassLand Revenue & Settlement Department
    2) Application for LSC
    3) Application for transfer of ownership of LSC
    4) Application for complaint/verification of LSC
    5) Application for re-demarcation/ correction of LSC
    6) Application for re-issue/extension of LSC
    7) Application for partition of LSC
    10Commercial Taxation Department1) Applying for Registration of Firms & SocietiesCommercial Taxation Department
    2) Petroleum, Oil & Lubricant Tax Payment
    3) Professional Tax Payment
    4) Entertainment Tax Payment
    Other Stakeholders
    1Mizoram State eGovernance Society - MSeGS
    2District eGovernance Society - DeGS
    3State Project Management Unit - SPMU - Wipro Ltd
    4System Integrator - SI - Interlace India
    5Common Service Center - CSC
    6State Wide Area Network - SWAN
    7Deputy Commissioner Office