The district consists of number of towns and villages lying around Serchhip. Thenzawl is the second biggest town after Serchhip. It is one of the few flat area with beautiful grassy landscape.

Nearby Thenzawl is a spectacular waterfall called Vantawng Khawhthla (meaning Heaven's reaching fall!). This beautiful stepped fall is easily accessible by road, and it is a place where one can hear the calling of nature silently.

Another, beautiful place to visit is Tuirihiau, a waterfall beautifully wild and enchanting surrounded with rocks and caves. Tuirihiau is the upstream of Vantawng Falls and is also located just a few minutes’ drive from Thenzawl.

Dawngzawl is the district park of Serchhip and is located just outside Serchhip where people from the town spend their weekend away from the town.