The office of the Deputy Commissioner, Serchhip District is headed by the Deputy Commissioner who supervises and controls the entire functioning of the various Branches in the office.and he or she is assisted by Additional Deputy Commissioner, Election officer,Sub Divisional Officer (sadr), Sub-Deputy Commissioners and other staffs. Judiciary is at the hands of Deputy Commissioner, Sub-Divisional Officer (sadr) and Sub-Deputy Commissioner.The Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Serchhip District, Serchhip is located in IOC Veng. Ensuring a well-run, fair, and effective public service are some of the goals of the Office.

The office of the Deputy Commissioner, Serchhip is divided and organised into various branches for providing a committed, accountable, transparent, responsive and effective district administration for the people as stated below:-

Arms Branch

The duties and activities of Arms Branch are as indicated below:

  1. To records and registers every Category of Arms separately.
  2. To issue permission Explosive Possession License (Permit) in accordance of Explosive Rules.
  3. To give permissions of Arms Repairing License as per approval of Home Department, Government of Mizoram.
  4. To give permissions of Arms Dealership License as per approval of Home Department.
  5. The Branch also issues permission for practice firing by security forces.

Inner Line Permit Branch

The ILP Branch issues Inner Line Permit as per standing instructions of the Govt. of Mizoram to Inner Line Permit for non-Mizo are issued from this office who are requiring stay in the District for various reasons. ILP is issued for a period of 15 months or six months for temporary ILP and Regular ILP respectively under the Inner Line Regulation Act of 1897. On expiry of which the same can be renewed twice for a period of six months each. Nominal fees are charged for issue as well as renewal of the Permits which is credited into Govt. account.

. The following are the necessary steps to get Inner Line Pass :-

  1. A person who wants to employ non-Mizo person(s) to work in Mizoram has to submit an application for a Provisional Permit written in plain paper and addressed to the Deputy Commissioner, Serchhip.
  2. The following documents are needed for the application of a Regular Inner Line Permit :

i. Form ‘A’ which can be bought for Rs. 20/-
ii. Temporary Inner Line Permit.
iii. Provisional Permit

  • The applicant for Inner Line Permit must enclose 4 passport size photographs each of the of the Sponsor and the pass holder.
  • A regular Inner Line Permit is issued at the rate of Rs.200/-
  • A regular Inner Line Permit has a term of 18 months and it has to be renewed twice at an interval of every 6 months to be fully valid within these 18 months.
  • At the time of every renewal, an application form costing Rs.20/- has to be enclosed. The renewal fee is Rs.100/-
  • The Sponsor must present himself at the office in all matters related to Regular Inner Line Permit.

Establishment Branch

The Establishment Branch deals with recruitment of staff, service matters & pension cases of all categories of employees of the office, training & disciplinary proceedings if and when initiated. The Branch deals with Govt. Orders, Notifications and instructions, coordination with other functionaries in the District, etc.The Establishment Branch deals with Personal and General Administration, Office Stationery, Visits of VVIPs and VIPs and other related matters. This Branch is headed by Superintendent who also supervises the entire staff of the Deputy Commissioner's Office, Serchhip. Personal Files as well as Service Book of Non-Gazetted staff and personal files of Gazetted Officers are dealt and maintained by this Branch.

Planning & Development
This Branch is under the direct control of the Deputy Commissioner, Serchhip. This Branch deals with all files pertaining of District Level Committees, of which Deputy Commissioner, Serchhip is the Chairman. Matters relating to various development programmes and pertaining to census are also dealt with by this branch.

Judicial Branch

This branch deals with matters relating to law and order, conduct of Inquiries by Magistrates, as well as permission for public activities, issuance of Schedule Tribe, Residential, Birth and Income Certificates.

Election Branch

The duties and activities of Election Branch are as indicated below:

  • 1. The Election Commission of India, from time to time have ordered Intensive, Summary, Special Summary Revision of Electoral Rolls. In these connections, the Election Branch of the District Election Officer’s Office, performs all related works such as Designation of Returning Officers, Asst. Electoral Registration Officers have also been processed by the Election Officer. Organisational structure is given below:-

  • 2.Under the overall supervision of Deputy Commissioner, who is also the District, Election Officer, the branch deals with all matters relating to Photo Electoral Rolls and election to village Councils, State Legislature and Lok Sabha.
  • 3 .As per the guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India, Booth Level Officers for all Polling Stations in Serchhip District has been appointed. Also issued guidelines for Booth Level Officers.
  • 4 .Computerization of Electoral Rolls has been started per the order of Election Commission of India.

Disaster Mangement & Rehabilitation

This Branch deals with Natural Calamities such as as landslides, fire, earthquakes, heavy rains, floods, hailstorms, , etc. and provide necessary relief and rehabilitation for the victim both in cash and also in the form of disbursement of materials like GCI sheets and silpouline free of cost, etc whenever any natural calamities occurs within the district.The detail report of damages caused by landslide and fires etc. to dwelling houses should be written in plain paper and addressed to the Deputy Commissioner. Verifying Officers will be detailed for spot verification by the Deputy Commissioner and relief and rehabilitation will be given to the victims based on the reports of the Officers.

Land & Building
This branch deals with matters relating to Land and Building within the District, the main functions and duties are as follows:
  1. Construction, repair and maintenance of office and all quarters.
  2. Land Acquisition
  3. Assessment of damaged compensation
  4. Assessment of occupied land and fixing of rent etc.
  5. Fixation & re-fixation of fair rent.

Vehicle Branch
The main activities of Vehicle Branch are management of vehicles which deals with purchase, repair and maintenance of all vehicles belonging to DC and assignment of drivers for their respective duty etc. It is also responsible for procurement of POL, requisition of vehicles in times of Election and other emergency situations.of vehicles under the office

Stationery Branch
Stationery Branch under D.C’s Office deals with the stationery requirements for proper functioning of all the branches of the DC’s office and maintains various properties of the office. All payments of the telephone bills of Officers, Electricity, newspaper and water bills of the office are done by this Branch.The branch takes care of celebration of all important days and weeks of National and State like Independence Day, Republic Day, Teachers Day, National Integration Week, Energy Conservation Day, etc. as well as making arrangement for the visit of VIPs and VVIPs.The Stationery Branch also sends recommendations of individuals from Mizoram for National Awards like the Padma Shree, Bravery Awards like Jeevan Raksha Padak Awards, Kabir Puraskar Awards etc. to the Home Ministry, Govt. of India through the Home Department. The selected individuals receive their awards in New Delhi or on National functions and there are several individuals from the Mizo community who have received such awards. Since, the DC is the District Magistrate, no citation is accepted by the Home Ministry without his signature on the Certificate of Character & Antecedents.

Housing Loan
The main strength of Housing Loan Branch, Deputy Commissioner’s Office are as follows:

  1. The main duties of this Branch include handing out loans to eligible persons for construction of building. The type of loan has been divided into two(2) categories –viz MIG (Middle Income Group) and LIG (Lower Income Group).
  2. The length for recovery of the loan is set during which each borrower are expected to make full recovery.
  3. The period for recovery has been divided into installments in which recovery has to be made. The borrower has to pay principle of the loan and the remaining the interest of the loan.
  4. Repayment defaulters are given notice at frequent intervals for effecting recovery of outstanding amount. This is a continuous and on going process of Housing Loan Branch.
  5. Achievement report of Housing Loan Branch is also prepared every financial year to have in-depth knowledge of the amount recovered annually.